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Workplaces can create a supportive environment for staff to be smokefree.  This is both beneficial to the business and to the individuals, by:

  • Supporting compliance with Health and Safety legislation

  • Supporting compliance with Smokefree Environments Act

  • Improving staff health and wellbeing

  • Protecting staff against second hand smoke exposure

  • Saving in lost productivity and sick days due to smoking

  • Reducing litter and fire risk.

Find out more about the benefits of a smokefree workplaces.

What workplaces can do

Workplaces are required by the Smokefree Environments Act to ensure all indoor areas are smokefree, and vehicles utilised by more than one staff member are smokefree.

Workplaces can go above these requirements to help protect staff by:

  • Making all worksites and vehicles smokefree

  • Ensuring there is appropriate smokefree signage

  • Connecting staff who smoke with quit  support

  • Providing tips for quitting smoking and staying smokefree

  • Encouraging a positive attitude amongst staff and support for being smokefree.

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How we can help


WorkWell is a free, workplace wellbeing initiative which supports workplaces to ‘work better through wellbeing’ which can be adapted to any workplace.  With step by step support and mentoring from an assigned WorkWell advisor, easy to use resources, workshops, networking opportunities and recognition through accreditation, WorkWell can help create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.  


Good4Work is a free and simple online workplace wellbeing tool that helps workplaces identify tangible actions to integrate wellbeing into their leadership practices, relationships and environment.  Good4Work is designed for small to medium sized workplaces, and those that are just getting started with workplace wellbeing.


Smokefree Legislation Complaints and Enquiries

Contact us to enquire about smokefree legislation or make a complaint about:

  • Smoking in workplaces

  • Smoking in all hospitality venues

  • Smoking in schools and early childhood centres

  • The sale of toy smoking products

  • The sale and supply of tobacco and herbal smoking products to people under 18

  • The sale and supply of chewing tobacco

  • The retail display of tobacco products

  • The advertising of tobacco products

  • The sale of e-cigarettes or vaping products

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