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The marae is the heart of a hapū. If a marae supports and encourages healthy habits, hapū members are more likely to follow.  Sadly, Māori have higher smoking rates and higher rates and tobacco related illness than non-Māori. Supporting whānau and hapū to be smokefree can help change this and has many other benefits, including:

  • creating a healthy life for whānau

  • protecting tamariki from taking up smoking and from second hand smoke

  • creating positive role models for tamariki

  • reducing risk of health problems

  • saving money. 

What Marae can do

Marae can support whānau and hapū to be smokefree by:

How we can help 


Hapū Hauora is a free resource hub that has been developed with hapū and whānau to  improve Māori health.  Hapū Hauora provides hapū with baskets of knowledge, ‘Ngā Kete Mātauranga’, around three health areas: oranga kai (healthy food), auahi kore (smokefree), te karonga I ngā momo mate (avoiding infections).  Within the auahi kore kete are auahi kore guidelines for your Marae, links to smokefree events, links to smokefree signage, and tips on how whānau and hapū can prevent tamariki from starting to smoke.  



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