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Workplaces can have a positive influence on their employees' health by limiting the availability of sugary drinks and promoting the consumption of healthier drink options.

Sugary drink consumption is a contributor to obesity and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.  In the long term, this can result in increased absenteeism and can impact productivity.

Swapping sugary drinks for low or no-sugar options is an easy way for employees to help improve their health.

Toi Te Ora Public Health supports workplaces to become sugary drink free. 

What can workplaces do?

  • Become a sugary drink free workplace

  • Develop a water, tea, coffee and milk only policy

  • Actively promote water as the drink of choice

  • Provide water coolers

  • Reduce or remove vending machines with sugary drinks

  • Reduce or remove sugary drinks from cafeterias, meetings, catering, and fundraisers

  • Remove marketing and advertising of sugary drinks at the workplace

  • Become a WorkWell business.

What other workplaces are doing

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