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Drinks that are often very high in sugar include:

  • Soft drinks

  • Fizzy drinks

  • Sports drinks

  • Energy drinks

  • Fruit drinks

  • Powdered drinks

  • Cordials

  • Flavoured milks

  • Flavoured waters

  • Iced teas/coffees

  • Smoothies

Natural fruit juice, even without added sugar, may have high sugar content similar to a fizzy drink.

Sugary drinks are high in sugar and calories, but typically have little or no nutritional benefit.

Sugary drinks are less likely to trigger feelings of fullness, making it easier to take in more calories than we need without realising. 

Watch this 'Rethink Sugary Drinks' video below, which encourages Australians to choose water as the best option.

Toi Te Ora Public Health recommends water and plain milk as the preferred drinks for children and supports initiatives that reduce the promotion, availability and consumption of sugary drinks.  

What can we do?

  • Keep our home free of sugary drinks

  • Encourage children to drink water and plain milk

  • Pack water bottles for children to take to school

  • Keep a bottle of cold water in the fridge for everyone to drink

  • When eating out, look for healthy drink options

Read about other ideas on ditching sugary drinks.

Read about how to spot added sugar.


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