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Local government is well positioned to help create sugary drink free environments. Leadership and action from local government can promote and create healthy environments and have an influential role in reducing the consumption of sugary drinks in communities.

Toi Te Ora Public Health supports local government to adopt sugary drink free policies and increase the availability of safe drinking water in public places. 

What can councils do?

  • Adopt a sugary drink free policy in council workplaces that can be a model for other employers in the community

  • Develop a sugary drink free policy for council owned/leased premises (e.g. aquatic centres, sports facilities), workplaces and events

  • Increase accessibility to safe drinking water in public places.

  • Partner with Refill NZ to reduce solid waste and use of plastic bottles, by making council owned venues Refill NZ sites, and by supporting other venues and businesses to become Refill NZ sites.

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What other councils are doing


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