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Adolescence by its nature brings a period of changing relationships between parents and teens.  Sexual health decisions are among the many challenges many teens and young people face during this phase of their lives.  Most importantly, young people need positive parental interactions during this time.  By seeking information and gaining skills, you can respond constructively to your teen and be interested and involved in their lives.

It is a good idea to talk to teens as opportunities arise.  It may be a friend’s pregnancy, or a television programme, magazine or news item that prompts your teen to talk.  Watch some television of your teen’s choice with them and be ready to listen and hear their perspectives.  Leave recommended leaflets (that can be found at the websites listed below) lying around as a prompt to conversations.

Some websites provide information and workshops to support you to understand and parent your tweens, teens and/or young adults. The following sites are recommended:

For information:

For workshops:

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