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Awareness Campaigns

Bay of Plenty rheumatic fever awareness campaign

Multi-media awareness campaigns ran between March to June from 2010 to 2017

Evaluation of the awareness campaigns

Click here for an evaluation report of the 2014 Bay of Plenty awareness campaign.

Click here for a PowerPoint summary of the Bay of Plenty awareness campaigns.

Click here for an evaluation of the 2010 Bay of Plenty awareness campaign.


 The following articles, radio adverts and resources were used in the awareness campaigns: 


2015 and 2016

The Health Promotion Agency  materials and resources  were used for the 2015 to 2017 campaigns.

Newspaper advert:

Full page advert featuring the Katoa Twins

Radio adverts:

30 second advert

Stop sore throats hurting hearts



Newspaper advert:

Stop sore throats hurting hearts

Full page advert

Radio adverts:

Get sore throats checked

Your kids could miss out

Media release:

Push to stop sore throats hurting hearts


Rheumatic fever visual aid

Kids Health



Sore throats can break a heart - bro town advert

Sore throats aren't cool - bro town advert


Courage behind the smiles

Official launch of the Kawerau project

Sore throats aren't cool!

Rheumatic fever radio advert


 Sore throats matter

 A healthy throat a healthy heart - echo study

 Rheumatic fever in the Bay of Plenty - a bigger problem than we thought

 Rheumatic fever radio advert







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