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Lakes and Bay of Plenty Healthy Housing Forum

The role of the Lakes and Bay of Plenty Healthy Housing Forum is to provide leadership and coordination for healthy housing work, in order to improve the health of vulnerable communities and families/whanau in the region, and reduce health care costs.

The Forum is a regionally-driven group, focused on providing insulation and other healthy homes interventions to both privately-owned and rented houses of whanau and families in BOP and Lakes.

Objectives of the Forum

  • Proactively seeking sustainable funding for Healthy Homes initiatives in the medium term across all potential funders to address housing needs in prioritised communities.

  • To explore efficiencies within community-based projects, so that costs can be reduced and more homes can be improve across the wider Bay of Plenty.

  • Ensuring good practice in the implementing of community-based healthy housing programmes that provide scale, quality and community engagement.


Key Documents


Meeting minutes


Regional Reports

Last modified: 20 Jul 2020
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