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Healthy Homes

Housing is widely acknowledged as a key determinant of health.

Cold and damp housing, housing affordability, substandard housing and crowding all contribute to
the health of our communities.

Some quick facts

  • Substandard housing and in particular crowded, cold, damp and mouldy homes have been linked to poorer mental health and psychological distress for dwelling occupants.

  • Crowding is strongly associated with a range of communicable diseases including meningococcal disease, tuberculosis and acute rheumatic fever.

  • Cold, damp homes and indoor pollutants play a role in the development of asthma and  other respiratory health problems.

  • Housing type has also been known to influence the quality and quantity of interactions within
    neighbourhoods, affecting social cohesion, trust and a collective sense of community.

  • Unaffordable housing is a significant issue for many New Zealand families and contributes
    to families living in substandard housing and overcrowding.

Toi Te Ora Public Health supports and advocates for healthy housing conditions for all people. For further information please refer to the following links:


Last modified: 20 Oct 2017
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