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Health in All Policies

The determinants of health illustrate that our health and wellbeing is influenced by much more than access to quality healthcare.  The factors that affect our health are often many and complex, and lie outside health services and health policies.

Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an approach to public policies across sectors that systematically takes into account the health implications of decisions, seeks synergies, and avoids harmful health impacts in order to improve population health and health equity.  It improves accountability of policy makers for health impacts at all levels of policy making.  It includes an emphasis on the consequences of public policies on health systems, determinants of health and wellbeing (WHO, Helsinki Statement on Health in All Policies, 2013).

A key feature of HiAP is a formal collaborative arrangement for policy making and planning.   It acknowledges that the work of many organisations and agencies contribute to community health and wellbeing and the best policy and planning outcomes arise from that collaboration.  It is community-centred with a focus on health and wellbeing outcomes. 

Health in All Policies is an approach that both Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Boards have committed to.  

Please contact our Healthy Policies team for more information.

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HiAP in Practice

Canterbury District Health Board leads HiAP in New Zealand, having held formal collaboration agreements with their local authorities for over ten years.  In their experience, HIAP work has both strategic and technical components:

  • Strategic aspects may include new forms of governance/leadership; shared goals and budgets; new understanding of decision-making and processes of different organisations; and the reframing of issues for shared understanding.

  • Technical aspects may include undertaking a Health Impact Assessment and/or other types of impact assessment; joint work plans; capacity building activities; cross sector projects, data collection and analysis, and community consultation.


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Last modified: 06 Mar 2018
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