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Kai Rotorua

If you are involved in Rotorua’s food system in any capacity (including growing, producing, distributing, processing, selling, giving, teaching/learning about food), please join the Kai Rotorua community.

Kai Rotorua aims to bring together individuals and groups who can to support local business and sustainable farming to thrive, and most importantly to make healthy, locally grown food affordable and accessible for our whole community, especially those who need it most.

More information: join their Facebook Page here or email Jasmin Jackson on


Kai Western Bay

The Kai Western Bay advisory group meet bi-monthly and send regular communications to the wider Western Bay food network. If you are interested in being a part of the communications to the wider Western Bay food network, or membership details for Kai Western Bay please contact Hayley Adamson on or the Kai Western Bay group on


On Friday 29th January 2016, local community food stakeholders met at the Hillier Centre as a follow up from the Bay of Plenty Kai Hui (below). The purpose of this session was to decide collectively what should be the next course of action.

The agenda and minutes are available via the links.

During the Bay of Plenty Kai Hui (Oct 2015), attendees gave their overwhelming support for being part of an ongoing Bay of Plenty Kai movement. It was discussed this would initially include a local food network in the Tauranga and Western Bay region (also known internationally as Food Policy Councils); with the vision of linking with further local food networks across the broader region once established.



Taupō Community Food Meeting

On Wednesday 4th May, 2016, a small group of people involved in the Taupō food system in any capacity (including growing, producing, distributing, processing, selling, giving, teaching/learning about food) came together to attend a community food meeting. Compiled meeting notes are available here.

There are currently no plans for a future meeting. If you are interested in driving this, please show your interest to

Bay of Plenty Kai Hui

Grow, Source, Cook, Share - Let's Connect for a Better Food Future

Event Wrap Up

United by food, more than 80 locals came together on Friday October 16, 2015, not only to mark World Food Day, but to participate in the first ever Bay of Plenty Kai Hui

Please follow the link to the event wrap up which highlights:

  • Solutions we brainstormed on the day

  • How to access speaker presentations (available on this page below)

  • Event feedback, reflections, outcomes and awareness raised

  • Other World Food Day outcomes

  • Where to next

The full programme from the event is also available via the link.


Speaker Presentations

Please click on the below links to view the various speaker presentations.

  1. "Our country’s food - exploring what the national food scene means for you” Emily Dowding-Smith, Transformation Leader, Sustainable Business Network

  2. How Tauranga City Council is supporting local food issues” Michelle Elborn, Sustainability Advisor; and Rebecca Maiden, Manager, Resource Recovery and Waste, Tauranga City Council

  3. The Edible Canterbury story – successes, challenges, inspiration” Dr Matt Morris, Edible Canterbury Coordinator, Edible Canterbury

  4. "Solving complex food issues through social enterprise” Rachel Glasier, Partnership and Development, Director, Ākina Foundation – Growing Social Enterprise

  5. A Bay of Plenty Kai movement?” Dana Thomson, Senior Health Improvement Advisor, Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service

Hot Topics - Open Space Brainstorming Session Complete Notes

A summary of key outcomes from the open space brainstorming sessions can be found in the event wrap up document above.

Alternatively full notes, including images of the handwritten notes (some in the form of mind maps) are available below by topic: 

Food grown on public land

Sugary drinks

Certified organic

Education - growing and cooking skills

Linking community gardens


How to get young people involved

Council spraying policies

Community resilience

Supply and demand

Options for time-poor parents

Childhood obesity

Community cooking

Food rescue


Mapping our Local Food System

At the Kai Hui, a networking activity was run, which also aimed to assist map people and organisations across our local food system. Posters from this session have been collated and are available here.

Full Evaluation Results

Aspects of the event evaluation are highlighted in the event wrap up, above. However if you would like to see the full results (made anonymous), please follow the link.

Alternatively, if you did not complete evaluation on the day, or would like to provide any more feedback, please visit: 

Spreading the Kai Movement - Media Coverage

Thanks to all the individual and organisations who supported this kaupapa, promoting the event and helping raise awareness of all food issues, big and small.

For your interest, a number of articles featured in the media. Links are available on our food in the media page.

You may also like to check out the hashtag #bayofplentykai on twitter and help us to keep the online conversation alive.


Pre-Kai Hui Brainstorming Sessions

Community brainstorming sessions held in June 2015 helped shape the Bay of Plenty Kai Hui.

Information about these initial brainstorming session is collated here.


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