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Hear from the experts


Sir Peter Gluckman the Prime Minister's Science Advisor talks about the benefits of water fluoridation.


Dr Russell Wills of the Office of the Children's Commissioner discusses water fluoridation.


Dr Robyn Haisman-Welsh, Chief Dental Officer at the Ministry of Health discusses water fluoridation.


Dr Rudi Johnson, President, Te Ao Marama - NZ Maori Dental Association perspective on water fluoridation.


Dr John Twaddle - Whakatane dentist talks about fluoridation.


Warren Lindberg from the Public Health Association speaks on fluoridation.


Dr Don Mackie, Chief Medical Officer for the Ministry of Health discusses fluoridation.


Dr Robin Whyman of the New Zealand Dental Association discusses water fluoridation.


Dr Mark Peterson of the New Zealand Medical Association discusses the NZMA position on fluoridation.


Dr Lance O'Sullivan gives a rural GP's perspective on water fluoridation.

 For more videos from experts speaking about water fluoridation, visit Fluoride Facts.

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