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Reauthorising of vaccinators whose vaccinators certificate has expired for more than six months

The process within Toi Te Ora Public Health for reauthorising a certified vaccinator whose vaccinator’s certificate has expired for more than six months

This will need to be assessed on a case by case basis, view page 634-635 of the Immunisation Handbook 2017 for more details.

To enable this process the nurse will complete the application form vaccinator expired and send the following evidence:

  • Proof of current annual practicing certificate (must include NZNC number and expiry date)

  • Indemnity insurance – this must be a currently dated letter from your provider confirming your membership/insurance i.e. NZNO.

  • Certificate of successful completion of Vaccinator Training Course (within the last 5 years, provided by IMAC) OR your current vaccinator certificate

  • Attendance certificate from your most recent Vaccinator Update couse (must be within the last 2 years)

  • Copy of the expired Vaccinator Authorisation Certificate

  • Full clinical assessment by an immunisation coordinator

  • Current CPR certificate - Core Immediate- airway and oxygen management

  • Summary of immunisation practice over last 12 months

    NB: If the authorisation expired more than 5 years prior, please email us for the correct form.

Applications must be completed electronically and submitted by email to Hand written applications will not be accepted.

The Medical Officer of Health will review the evidence. If all evidence is present and correct a certificate for two years practice will be issued.
If any evidence is missing you will be advised and asked to provide this.

NB: Your certificate can not be issued until all the correct information has been received.

Last modified: 14 Oct 2020
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