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Alcohol is the most commonly used recreational drug in New Zealand. It is a significant cause of disease, disability and social harm.

Alcohol misuse manifests itself in a variety of ways in the workplace, ranging from the residual effects of weekend or after hour use, such as hangovers and general fatigue, to intoxication at work due to consumption during working hours. Reduced productivity in the workplace due to alcohol misuse represents a significant cost to industry.

Based on a study of almost 5,000 Aucklanders, the cost of alcohol-related lost productivity among the working population of New Zealand was estimated to be $57 million per year. Foremost amongst the costs was the cost of impaired work performance (estimated to be $41 million nationally). Absenteeism accounted for the remaining $16 million (Jones et al. 1995).

What we do at Toi Te Ora Public Health

At Toi Te Ora Public Health we can support you and your workplace to reduce alcohol use and create a safe, healthy working environment. Our Workwell Programme has been developed to support efforts to improve workplace wellbeing.

For more information about Workwell please feel free to contact us or you can visit the WorkWell website.


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