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About 5210

5210 is a set of resources and tools that encourage children and their families and whānau to eat vegetables and fruit, limit screen time, be active, and drink water or milk instead of sugary drinks.

The resources can be used by anyone in all sectors and communities so that families and whānau are supported with living these messages wherever they go.  The tools can also be used by health practitioners to initiate healthy conversations with children and their families and whānau, as well as to support brief interventions. 

The 5210 messages are evidence-based, originating from the Childhood Obesity: Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Expert Committee, and endorsed by the Canadian Pediatric Society.  The recommendations adapted align with New Zealand Ministry of Health recommendations for food, activity, screen time and sleep.

The 5210 tools (Healthy Habits Questionnaire, Goal Trackers for tamariki and rangatahi, Assessment and Management Flowchart) and the graphics used in the colouring in sheet and kids cartoon poster, are adapted for use in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes District Health Board areas from Live 5-2-1-0  with permission from SCOPE (Sustainable Childhood Obesity Prevention through Community Engagement), British Columbia, Canada.

The 5210 logo and four key messages are adopted from Let’s Go!, Maine, USA.

For information about the Ministry of Health childhood obesity plan, the Raising Healthy Kids target, intervention services available for children and their families, as well as other resources available click here.

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