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Smoking cessation programmes have been found to be effective in a workplace environment, where encouragement from colleagues and supportive policy can help trigger attempts to quit amongst employees and their families. 

Why promote smokefree in the workplace?

  • Legislation requires that all workplaces maintain a smokefree environment throughout all indoor areas, and that designated smoking areas meet particular standards to ensure minimal harm to those working or taking a break in close proximity.

  • Employees who smoke take up to 33% more sick leave than non smokers.

  • A smoker taking four 10 minute breaks each day works a month less than a non smoker in the course of a year.

  • Half of all people who smoke today, and continue to do so, will eventually be killed from a smoking related illness, and will die an average of 15 years earlier than they would if they were a non smoker.

How can workplaces help?

  • Make all work vehicles smokefree.

  • Provide tips for quitting smoking and staying smokefree.

  • Encourage a positive attitude amongst employees by making public statements about your workplace's support for being smokefree.

There are many other ways to promote a smokefree workplace and workforce.  For more information about smokefree workplaces, visit our WorkWell website where you can access free resources, tools and assistance.  

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