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Smokefree Outdoor Policies

Smokefree Outdoor Policies will contribute to achieving the national goal of a smokefree Aotearoa by 2025. Policies make an impact because:

  • Smoking is less visible, which means it becomes ‘de-normalised’ so children are less likely to start because they don’t see it;

  • Smokefree environments support people to quit smoking, and help protect ex-smokers from relapsing;

  • There is less exposure to second hand smoke and air pollution caused by smoking;

  • Additionally, litter and fire risk are reduced.

Smokefree outdoor policies are educational which means they don’t require enforcing.  They work through the use of smokefree signs at each smokefree location, and via promotional media (for example, events are advertised as smokefree, and the public are notified when the policy is extended to a new location).

People in the community can help create healthier public spaces by being positive role models and choosing not to smoke in outdoor public areas.

Smokefree Outdoor Policies of councils in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts


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Review Date

Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service's recommendations for the next steps to extend the policy

Taupo District Council

No policy 

Not applicable 

Adopt a Smokefree Outdoor Policy.

Rotorua Lakes Council

Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

Currently under review

Extend policy to bus stops, sports fields and alfresco dining.

Opotiki District Council

Educational Smoke Free Outdoor Spaces Policy

No date set

Extension of policy to include fields, civic centre, bus stops and alfresco dining.

Kawerau District Council

Smokefree Public Spaces Policy

31 July 2015 

Extension of policy to include bus stop and alfresco dining.

Whakatane District Council

Smoke-Free Council Open Spaces Policy

No date set 

Extension of policy to include smokefree promotion at public events, all playgrounds, halls, courts, gardens, skate park and aquatic centre.

Western BOP District Council 

Smokefree Public Spaces Policy

October 2012 

Extend to include alfresco dining and town centres.

Tauranga City Council

Smokefree Places Policy

No date set 

Smokefree alfresco dining.


More information

See our Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Toolkit:

Other useful information:

Contact us if you would like your community space to be smokefree.

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