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Uninsulated homes

By having a properly insulated home, families can save up to $500 per year on heating costs – and thousands in GP or hospital visits, or days off work or school.

With winter fast approaching now is a good time to promote the Warm Up New Zealand programme to households.  Homeowners, landlords, and community service card holders with houses built before 2000 are eligible for ENERGYWISE™ funding to help with home insulation.

For more information and resources to give to families, click here.

Gas Heaters

Unflued gas heaters are expensive!  Unflued gas heaters are often the chosen form of heating because many believe it is cheaper than using electrical appliances.

A report from Consumer, however, shows otherwise.  In fact, running your heating on the 9kg bottles of LPG is the most expensive option.

To read the full report from Consumer, click here.

Don’t let gas heaters effect your health.  Unflued gas heaters release polluting gases directly into a room that are potentially harmful for health, particularly for our tamariki/children and the elderly.

Click here for further information and quick tips on how to avoid or reduce exposure to these pollutants.

Last modified: 22 Mar 2017
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