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Healthy Homes

There is a strong relationship between housing and health. See our Housing and Health Report.

Substandard, cold and damp housing contributes to respiratory disease, poor mental health and an exacerbation of chronic conditions. Overcrowding is associated with the spread of infectious diseases such as meningococcal disease. The physical elements of the house such as size, location, structure, and materials affect the health of its occupants. Behaviours exhibited by occupants can influence health positively, for example maximise passive heat or negatively, for example contribute to injury.

New Zealand has very high rates of asthma and respiratory infections – with children, the elderly and those on lower incomes worse off. Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service is developing strategies to support people in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes Districts keep their homes warm, dry, healthy and safe.

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Last modified: 14 Sep 2016
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