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Food Security Action across New Zealand

Right across New Zealand (and across the globe) people are collaborating to promote healthy food access, create sustainable and fair food systems, supporting local food economies.

For your interest, a few examples are provided below, including links for more information and useful documents.

Restoring New Zealand’s Food System

  • Restoring New Zealand's Food System is a Sustainable Business Network project

  • The Sustainable Business Network is trying to help find solutions to the challenges in the food system, from production, manufacturing, distribution, access and eating through to waste. 

National Good Food Network

  • The National Good Food Network is a national food network made up of various organisations collaborating on improving access to healthy food in their communities

  • Toi Te Ora is a member of this network which is being led by the Sustainable Business Network

Rotorua Local Food Network

  • Commencing in 2016, the Rotorua Local Food Network is supported by Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service, Healthy Families NZ (Rotorua) and Rotorua Lakes Council.

  • Check out the Rotorua Local Food Network Facebook Page here.  

Kai Western Bay

  • Newly established (Oct 2016), 'kai western bay' is a strategic partnership between Tauranga City Council, Envirohub BOP and Toi Te Ora- Public Health Service to name a few founding members. The groups purpose and terms of reference is currently being decided on by members.  
  • kai western bay has been in development since starting the conversation with a wider food network at the BOP kai hui in Oct 2015.

  • kai western bay will support and maintain a broader wider food network, and the synergies between the two will ground any local food action that takes place. 


Kai Auckland

Edible Canterbury

Edible Wellington

Dunedin's Food Network

  • Our Food Network is based in Dunedin, and it's aim is to stimulate the production, distribution and consumption of local food and in that way contribute to the building of a resilient and prosperous community.

Please contact us if you believe the above information is incorrect, requires updating or to let us know about other food security initiatives across New Zealand.

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